The carpentry had to be established, contemplations to our designs were essential. The team builds interior ideas minding every slight detail. Where the last placed small-scaled elements should answer to the main theme of the whole. Boundaries are always present but both our designers and manufacturers carry out to exceed them.


The carpentry follows our design drawings, creating the furniture structures ordered. Beds, counters, tables, kitchens and many others. The skeletons manufactured are either sent to be upholstered or polished and painted only. Regarding the variations of our projects the production line experienced a high range of fabrication types.


The products we assemble tend to follow certain dimensional standards determined by our design team. The furniture provided is highly sustainable with a firm structure. Our manufacturers consider a thoughtful selection in choices of wood and formulating materials.

Our Carpentry

Timber taken from our storage area will be checked and measured to ensure sizes and moisture content is within requirements. Each bundle is documented and release to production floor for processing.