Rapidly developing technologies require ever updating solutions. Our new choices of decorative systems propose lesser waste of: time, expense and nature. These alternative cladding methods offer environmentally friendly elements that compete globally; raising commonly desired standards.

Decorative polyurethane systems

One of the primary elements we use is high-dense polyurethane, which can be easily formed into any ornamental shape; this product can be used as elevation coverings or panels with less cost and high adjustability. With a long life-span and resistance to heat, water, acid or bacteria; this matter is highly recommended.

Architectural Metal Cladding

We also present one of the globally recognized constructive fabrications company known as KASSO. Introducing expanded meshes and welded construction productions. These products propose different high quality metal-material approaches in constructing suspended ceilings, skin facades, expanded meshes and perforated panels.


The product target scope we offer diverges from double skin facades, claddings, louvre systems to construction elements, steel brackets, and Wire meshes.

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